E34 Aljosa Smolic, co-founder at Volograms

Aljosa Smolic, SFI Research Professor of Creative Technologies at Trinity College Dublin and he is also the co-founder of Volograms discusses what Volograms is all about, how AI comes into play in their work, their research into virtual humans and much more!

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E31 Kevin McLaughlin, VP Operations at Kitman Labs

Kevin McLaughlin is an ex-Leinster rugby player who is the now the VP of Operations at Kitman Labs. In the show, he discusses what Kitman Labs is all about, their success with the Irish rugby team, how they help athletes and coaches manage their data, and much more!

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E20 Paul Sweeney, EVP Product at Webio

Paul Sweeney, EVP Product at Webio discusses Webio’s conversational messaging platform, what to expect at this year’s Convercon event and much more in episode 20 of the AI in Action podcast

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