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Accelerating Applied AI in Ireland

AI Ireland is a non-profit community devoted to promoting artificial intelligence in Ireland. Through the use of the AI Awards, we aim to increase public awareness of artificial intelligence and bring academia and industry together.

AI Unleashed: Navigating the AI revolution as a business executive

Master The AI Revolution: A Comprehensive Guide For Business Executives “AI Unleashed: Navigating the AI Revolution as a Business Executive” is not just a book—it’s an essential guide for mastering the intricacies and seizing the…

Irish innovation honoured at fifth annual AI Awards

Software to protect children from cyberbullying, a wearable device to diagnose Parkinson’s Disease and educational tools for literacy were among the winners of this year’s AI Awards. Other winning entries included projects focusing on areas…

OpenAI Unveils Game-Changing Upgrades for ChatGPT

This week, OpenAI unveiled a substantial enhancement to ChatGPT, enabling their GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 AI models to analyse images and respond to them within text conversations. OpenAI also disclosed that their ChatGPT mobile app will soon…

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