AI Ireland’s roundtable discussions provide an opportunity to conduct market research while simultaneously advancing your agenda. This format offers great flexibility and is usually more cost-effective and less risky compared to organizing your own event.

Roundtable events offer a superior signal-to-noise ratio compared to securing a slot in commercial conferences, where your message can easily get lost or diluted amidst numerous slide decks and limited opportunities for meaningful conversations.

By participating in our roundtable events, you can effectively target your desired audience and communicate with subtlety. Importantly, these events foster two-way dialogue, resulting in higher participant engagement and serving as a strong foundation for forging new relationships.

What to Expect?

AI Ireland’s roundtable discussions go beyond mere conversations. By collaborating with you, we can commence the event with an online survey, setting the stage for increased participation and gathering valuable preliminary data and feedback. This information can then be utilized to guide the discussion agenda.

Following the completion of the roundtable, AI Ireland can generate a report that presents the primary points of debate, emphasizes significant discoveries, and integrates the outcomes of any online surveys conducted. Employing a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches has proven to be a successful tactic for producing captivating marketing materials.

What's the Impact?

By engaging in our roundtable discussions, you can expect to achieve enduring outcomes and elevate your profile. Many clients have experienced significant success in generating commercial leads and expanding their reach into previously unexplored industry sectors through our events.

Why work with us?

At AI Ireland, we have over 10 years’ experience hosting, moderating events at international Technology conferences such as Gartner Symposium and local events such as The Dublin Technology Summit.

What our moderator’s do well:
  • Tease out themes and patterns in the discussion.
  • Involve less confident individuals.
  • Deter overzealous members and keep the discussion
  • Moving in a relaxed but purposeful way.
  • Identify the insight that really makes a difference.
This is why AI Ireland works regularly on facilitated events in the B2B environment:
We’ve hosted sessions on:

AI within healthcare Digital Transformation, Cloud, Security, Healthcare to name but a few.

What do they deliver?

The thought-provoking debate that develops provides excellent content for whitepapers, blogs, opinion pieces etc. but, they’re also a great way of launching whitepapers.
People who helped form the Point of View (POV), or even academics appreciate being invited to the launch and can become part of the development process. The nature of the events can be an excellent showcase for a sponsor’s brand as it’s associated with thought leading and thought-provoking discussions. The sponsor can either participate or watch discussions quietly from a far but whichever it’s a great relationship building and business development opportunity.

Why do people want to take part?

From the participant’s point of view, it’s a highly valued networking opportunity. This has considerable appeal, even for the more self-conscious among us, and can also earn CPD points.

Contact us to find out how we can bring your brand and insight gathering process to life.

One such example can be found below with EIT Health. AI Ireland moderated the roundtable discussion in Ireland with findings integrated within the EU Report.

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