About AI Ireland

AI Ireland is a non-profit community devoted to promoting AI in Ireland. AI Ireland through the use of AI Awards aims to increase public awareness of artificial intelligence (AI) and bring academia and industry together to showcase the excellent work done on the island of Ireland.

AI Ireland’s mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Ireland.

AI Ireland is a national, collaborative effort that will highlight and celebrate Ireland’s advances in AI and machine learning, as well as create spaces for discussion on how the future of AI can impact and augment Ireland’s society.

It is a very exciting time to be living in Ireland. On the island of Ireland, we are pioneering innovation in the field of AI. Our mission is to position Ireland as a hub for AI investment and bring the country together to upskill and embrace the third digital wave.


AI Ireland was founded by Mark Kelly, an award-winning Executive Search Consultant focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science markets.

Mark has been involved in the technology industry since 2007 and has a deep knowledge on building meaningful relationships, recruitment, leadership, customer service and scaling technology companies. 

Mark loves bringing people together and changing people’s lives for the better. He is passionate about the positive social impact emerging technologies can have on society. He is a big fan of role modelling the masters and has interviewed some of the world’s top Data Science, Machine Learning & AI experts sharing this insight through the AI Ireland Podcast. He is the founding member of several international meetups and regularly hosts, moderates and speaks at Data Science and AI meetups, conferences and workshops. 

Mark is easily accessible via Linkedin and can be reached via the contact form on this site.