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Everyone’s talking about AI these days. Some are worried about job losses, while others are excited about the new possibilities. The truth? AI is already helping many areas, from healthcare to businesses big and small. It’s making work faster, smarter, and more customer-friendly.

Why AI Matters to You

AI isn’t just for tech experts. It’s for everyone. Here’s what AI can do:

  • Make work faster and smarter
  • Help understand customer needs better
  • Save time and cut down unnecessary tasks
  • Whether you run a small shop, a big company or work in public services, AI has something for you.

Our AI Talk Catalogue

Dive deeper into the world of AI with our range of talks:

  • AI 101: Understanding the Basics for Business
  • AI in Customer Service: Revolutionizing Client Interactions
  • The Future of Retail: How AI is Transforming Shopping
  • AI in Healthcare: Predictions, Diagnostics and Patient Care
  • Manufacturing 4.0: AI’s Role in Modern Production
  • Finance & AI: Risk Management, Fraud Detection and More
  • AI in Marketing: Personalisation, Predictions and Performance
  • Supply Chain Optimisation: AI’s Role in Streamlined Operations
  • AI in HR: Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement
  • The Ethical Implications of AI: Navigating the Grey Areas
  • AI in Education: Personalized Learning and Administrative Efficiency
  • Smart Cities: How AI is Building the Future Urban Landscape
  • AI in Agriculture: Precision Farming and Sustainable Practices
  • Transport & Logistics: AI’s Role in Smarter, Faster Deliveries
  • AI in Real Estate: Predictive Analysis and Virtual Tours
  • Entertainment & AI: Streaming, Recommendations and Content Creation
  • AI in Energy: Predictive Maintenance and Energy Optimisation
  • Legal Implications of AI: Understanding Rights and Regulations
  • AI in Tourism: Personalized Experiences and Efficient Operations
  • The Future of Work: How AI is Shaping Job Roles and Industries
  • AI in Education: How AI is being used in secondary and 3rd level institutions.
Learn More with AI Ireland

Want to know how AI fits into your world? We’re here to help. We offer talks that explain AI in simple terms, tailored to what you do.

You can choose:

  • Short team briefings
  • Big group talks
  • Online sessions
  • Face-to-face chats
What People Say About Our Talks

People who’ve attended our talks say:

“It was clear and easy to understand. I see AI in a new light now.”

“I’m excited to try out some AI tools in my business.”

“The talk answered my big questions about AI.”

“I got practical tips I can use right away.”

Get in Touch

Ready to learn more about AI? Reach out to us. We’re here to make AI simple and useful for you.

Apply now to the 2023 AI Awards!

Applications for the 2023 AI Awards are still open until August 25th so if you or someone you know is working on exciting projects, products, services and leaders in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning that are making a real impact in the industry, we want to hear from you!It’s free to enter and there are 12 categories you can apply for across industry, academia and leadership. 

Head over to to submit an application or please feel free to contact with any queries about the submission process.

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AI Ireland's mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Ireland.

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