AI Ireland FAQs

What is AI Ireland?

AI Ireland is a non-profit community devoted to promoting AI in Ireland.

What is the purpose of AI Awards?

The AI Awards aim to increase public awareness of AI and showcase excellent work in Ireland.

What are AI Ireland’s main objectives?

AI Ireland aims to promote investment and job creation, facilitate collaboration between SMEs and large enterprises, showcase technology implementations and promote digital literacy for all in Ireland.

How does AI Ireland attract investors?

Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, highlights Ireland’s favourable business environment, skilled workforce and government support for innovation to attract both domestic & international investors.

How does AI Ireland foster collaboration between SMEs and large enterprises?

AI Ireland facilitates networking events and collaborative projects to create partnerships that drive collective growth and foster innovation.

How does AI Ireland promote digital literacy?

AI Ireland is committed to educating the public through accessible resources, workshops and awareness campaigns, empowering individuals to understand and benefit from AI technologies.

What services does AI Ireland offer?

AI Ireland offers services like membership, case studies, speaking & presentation engagements, resources, the AI Awards, the AI Ireland Podcast, and news updates.

How can I stay updated with AI Ireland’s latest happenings?

You can follow AI Ireland on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive updates and insights straight to your inbox.

How can I join AI Ireland’s community?

To join AI Ireland’s vibrant community, head to the membership area of the website or contact for further information.

What is AI for Executives?

AI for Executives is a two-day workshop offered by AI Ireland, that serves as a gateway for decision-makers to understand the application of AI in the business world.

What is the purpose of the AI for Executives workshop?

The workshop aims to enhance AI comprehension among senior managers and equip them with fundamental knowledge to strategically engage with AI and lead their organizations towards embracing AI in the future.

Why is AI understanding crucial for Irish organizations?

AI possesses the capability to radically transform business models and public services, therefore it is very important for society to understand AI’s capabilities for Irish organizations.

How can AI adoption boost competitiveness for Irish industries?

In today’s environment, leaders need the knowledge and skills to drive industrial transformation with AI at the heart of their organization’s journey, a message advocated by Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland.

What does the AI for Executives workshop offer?

The workshop, developed with applied digital transformation experts at AI Ireland, educates leaders about AI without focusing on coding or programming. Participants gain insights and practical methods to initiate AI transformation in their organizations.

Is the AI for Executives workshop suitable for technologically inexperienced managers?

Yes, the program is tailored to senior managers who may be technologically inexperienced. The workshop ensures that participants gain the necessary knowledge and insights to engage with AI effectively.

How can I get more information about the AI for Executives workshop?

To receive information about the AI for Executives workshop or see the brochure, you can contact AI Ireland via the form provided on the website.

Who is Founder Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, and what makes him a highly sought-after speaker?

Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, is a renowned speaker with profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. He frequently presents at events, sharing insights gained from interviewing over 450 AI leaders across all industries, making him a sought-after authority in the field.

What industry trends does Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, specialize in?

Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, specializes in Artificial Intelligence applied to industry. His profound understanding of these cutting-edge technologies applied to industry enables him to assist companies in their digital transformation journey.

How does Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, empower his audience?

Through his presentations, Mark Kelly inspires and empowers his audience to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the possibilities of digital transformation. His expertise in helping companies transform into digital businesses is highly regarded.

What can event organizers expect from Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland’s, presentations?

Event organizers can expect engaging and informative sessions that delve into the significance of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. Mark Kelly’s talks are designed to equip attendees with valuable insights for their own digital transformation endeavours.

How can companies benefit from Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland’s, expertise?

Companies can benefit from Mark Kelly’s expertise by gaining a deep understanding of digital transformation trends and technologies. With his insights, organizations can make informed decisions to optimize their digital strategies.

Where can I see Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, speaking next?

To find information about Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland’s, upcoming speaking engagements, you can visit his official website or follow his social media channels for event announcements and updates.

Can Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, tailor his presentations to suit specific industry needs?

Yes, Mark Kelly works closely with event organizers to tailor his presentations to meet specific industry needs and audience preferences. His ability to customize content ensures relevance and maximum impact for each event.

How can I book Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, as a speaker for my event?

To book Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, as a speaker for your event, you can reach out to him via the contact form. He will guide you through the booking process and provide further details.

What topics does Mark Kelly, CEO of AI Ireland, cover in his presentations?

Mark Kelly’s presentations cover a wide range of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AI Applied to finance, AI applied to healthcare, AI applied to Education, AI applied to ecommerce, AI applied to logistics, AI applied to tourism, AI applied to sustainability, AI applied to marketing, AI applied to manufacturing, Generative AI for business, Chatgpt for Business, the most impactful Chatgpt plugins for business and AI in Ireland.