Best Application of AI to achieve Social Good: Meet the 2023 AI Awards Finalists

While AI is often associated with technological advancements and business innovations, its impact extends far beyond these realms. AI has the potential to drive positive change and make a profound impact for social good

In this blog, we will explore the various ways AI is being harnessed for social good and the transformative effects it is having on our world. We will also take a closer look at this year’s nominees in the Best Application of AI to achieve Social Good for the 2023 AI Awards.

Healthcare Advancements

AI is poised to revolutionise healthcare in numerous ways. From early disease detection to personalised treatment plans, AI is making healthcare more accessible, efficient and effective. Machine learning algorithms can analyse vast datasets to identify patterns and predict diseases, enabling early intervention. AI-powered robots and telemedicine solutions are also making healthcare more accessible in remote areas, improving the quality of care and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Environmental Conservation

Climate change and environmental degradation are among the most pressing global challenges. AI is being employed to monitor and combat these issues. Machine learning models can analyse satellite data to track deforestation, air and water quality, and weather patterns, allowing for more efficient environmental conservation efforts. AI-driven solutions are also helping to optimise energy consumption, reduce waste and develop sustainable agriculture practices.

Disaster Response and Management

AI can significantly enhance disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires, can have devastating impacts on communities. AI algorithms can process real-time data from sensors, drones and satellites to predict disaster events, assess damage and coordinate response efforts. This technology saves lives and resources and reduces recovery time.

Education and Accessibility

AI is being used to improve education and make it more accessible to people of all backgrounds. Adaptive learning platforms use AI to tailor educational content to individual needs, helping students learn at their own pace. Additionally, AI-driven tools are aiding students with disabilities by providing real-time transcription and captioning, enabling them to participate fully in educational activities.

Social Services and Public Safety

Law enforcement and social service agencies are leveraging AI to enhance public safety and welfare. Predictive policing models help law enforcement agencies allocate resources more effectively to prevent crime. Social service agencies use AI to identify at-risk individuals, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the support they need. These applications of AI help reduce crime rates and improve social services.

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

AI technologies have made significant strides in improving the lives of people with disabilities. Speech recognition, natural language processing and computer vision have enabled more accessible digital interfaces, communication devices and assistive technologies. These innovations empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to participate more fully in society.

Meet the 2023 AI Awards Finalists

Best Application of AI to achieve Social Good

Analytics Engines

For their AI solution in monitoring marine life populations to improve object detection and tracking in seabed imagery. It has transformed the AFBI’s (Agri-Food and BioSciences Institute) processes and demonstrated the potential of AI in ecological research.

Cilter Technologies

For the development of their embedded software to protect children from cyberbullying and online grooming. Their unique system operates at a deep level, blocking harmful messages and notifying parents, aiming to make smartphones safer for children.

SEURO project

For ProInsight, an AI-based tool aimed to help healthcare organisations assess readiness, predict the impact and make informed decisions regarding the implementation of digital health solutions for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Soapbox Labs

For tackling the global literacy crisis. They provide accurate and equitable voice AI that helps teachers assess and support students reading proficiency. They aim to deliver over 100 million voice-powered learning experiences to children worldwide.

The transformative impact of AI for societal good is already evident in various sectors. It is improving healthcare, helping to protect the environment, enhancing disaster response, expanding educational opportunities, increasing public safety and fostering accessibility for persons with disabilities to name just a few. As AI continues to advance, its potential for positive change in society grows exponentially.

However, it is crucial to approach the deployment of AI for societal good with ethical considerations and transparency. Ensuring that AI systems are developed and used in a manner that respects privacy, fairness and accountability is paramount.

When used thoughtfully and responsibly, AI has the power to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our world. By harnessing the potential of AI for societal good, we can work toward a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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