Best Application of AI in a Student Project: Meet the 2023 Finalists


From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, Artificial Intelligence is shaping our daily lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few decades ago. This remarkable technological evolution has led to a surge of interest in studying AI at the university level. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the growing interest in AI education and the myriad of opportunities it offers to students. We will also take a look at this year’s talented individuals who have been selected in the Best Application of AI in a Student Project for the 2023 AI Awards.

High Demand for AI Professionals

The explosive growth of AI technologies has created a high demand for AI professionals. Companies are actively seeking AI specialists to develop algorithms, build machine learning models and apply AI in diverse fields. As a result, students who specialise in AI can expect a robust job market with numerous career prospects. This high demand is a significant factor driving interest in AI education.

Interdisciplinary Nature

AI is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing from fields such as computer science, mathematics, neuroscience and engineering. This interdisciplinary approach appeals to students with a wide range of interests. Whether you are passionate about mathematics, psychology or software development, AI offers a space where multiple disciplines converge. This broad appeal makes AI a suitable choice for students with varied backgrounds and academic interests.

Ethical and Societal Concerns

The rapid advancement of AI has raised ethical and societal concerns that need to be addressed. Students studying AI at the university level are not only gaining technical expertise, but also exploring the ethical implications of AI. They are poised to become the architects of AI systems that prioritise fairness, transparency and social responsibility, making a positive impact on society.

Diverse Career Opportunities

AI is not limited to one industry or application. Graduates with AI knowledge can find exciting career opportunities in fields such as healthcare (diagnosis and drug discovery), finance (algorithmic trading and risk assessment), marketing (personalised recommendations and customer analysis) and much more. This diversity in career prospects provides students with the flexibility to pursue their interests and adapt to evolving job markets.

Research and Innovation

The field of AI is continuously evolving, with new breakthroughs and discoveries occurring regularly. This dynamic environment encourages students to engage in research and innovation. University programs often provide students with opportunities to work on cutting-edge AI projects, contributing to the advancement of AI technology itself.

Meet the 2023 AI Awards Finalists

Best Application of AI in a Student Project

Balaji Padmanathan, University College Dublin

For his project focusing on optimising electric vehicle charging station locations in Dublin, with the aim of making Dublin more sustainable and serving as a model for global efforts to combat climate change and promote responsible urban development.

Chenyang Lyu, Dublin City University

For his research in addressing limitations in Large Language Models (LLMs) for Question Answering, focusing on integrating semantic and multimodal knowledge utilising his skills in NLP, unsupervised learning, multi-modal AI and mitigating bias in AI models.

Jamie de Paor, Munster Technological University

For his research project addressing the challenge of providing training data for indoor robotics by creating a Unity-based semantic segmentation simulator. The project aims to advance indoor autonomous robotics, potentially impacting various industries.

Lan Wei, University College Dublin

For Epi-AI, an AI-powered tool for automated seizure detection in mouse EEG data, enhancing efficiency and objectivity in epilepsy research. It accelerates drug development and fosters global collaboration, promising advancements in treatment.

The growing interest in studying AI at the university level is a testament to the profound impact that AI is having on our world. Students recognise the transformative potential of AI and are eager to be a part of this revolution.

With high demand for AI professionals, diverse career opportunities and the chance to engage in groundbreaking research, studying AI at university is a choice that promises a bright and intellectually stimulating future. 

As AI continues to shape our world, it’s no surprise that more and more students are choosing to embark on this exciting educational journey.

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