Women in AI Person of the Year: Meet the 2023 Finalists

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the world as we know it. It has found applications in various industries, from healthcare to finance, and from education to entertainment. While the technology itself is remarkable, what’s equally impressive is the growing influence of women in AI. Women have made substantial contributions to the field and their presence is essential for several reasons. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of women in AI and the impact they are making on the field. We will also take a look at this year’s finalists for the Women in AI Person of the year category for the 2023 AI Awards.

Diverse Perspectives

One of the most significant contributions that women bring to AI is a diverse perspective. Diversity in AI teams ensures a broader range of viewpoints, problem-solving strategies and solutions. When building AI systems, it’s essential to consider a wide range of end-users and potential biases. Women’s inclusion in AI helps mitigate biases and creates AI that is more fair, inclusive and representative of the entire population.

Encouraging Young Talent

The presence of successful women in AI can inspire the younger generation. When young girls and women see role models thriving in the field, they are more likely to pursue careers in AI and the wider-tech sector. Encouraging diversity from a young age is crucial in ensuring a strong and inclusive AI community.

Innovations in Healthcare

Women have made significant strides in AI applications in healthcare. AI technologies, driven by women in the field, are helping improve patient diagnosis, personalised treatment plans and even drug discovery. The intersection of healthcare and AI is addressing some of the most pressing medical challenges of our time.

AI for Social Good

Women in AI are leading initiatives to use AI for social good. Whether it’s in disaster relief, education or environmental sustainability, women are applying AI to tackle global challenges. These initiatives have the potential to create a positive impact on society, and the importance of women in leading such endeavours cannot be overstated.

Ethical Considerations

Women are often at the forefront of ethical discussions within the AI community. They are actively participating in conversations about the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. This includes discussions on privacy, data security and the implications of AI on society, ensuring a balanced approach to technological advancement.

Meet the 2023 AI Awards Finalists

Women in AI Person of the Year

Amy Awad

Co-founder of Opa Mind and Lean In Wellness, Amy champions diversity and mental health in AI, earning global recognition, awards and speaking engagements. Her visionary leadership and ethical approach make her a trailblazer in the field of AI.

Gilyana Borlikova

Data Science Manager at ICON plc, Gilyana has pioneered impactful AI solutions for clinical trials, including the award-winning OneSearch system. A pioneer for women in AI, her work reduces costs, improves efficiency and promotes innovation.

Nicole Baker

CEO of Biologit, Nicole is a seasoned professional in pharmacovigilance, with extensive experience in regulatory compliance and financial management. She is a leader in driving innovation, as well as promoting gender diversity and ethical AI in safety surveillance.

Rena Maycock

CEO of Cilter, Rena leads a startup developing child protection software for smartphones, addressing cyberbullying and grooming. She’s a respected columnist advocating for women in tech, lobbies for funding equality and mentors aspiring female founders.

Alessandra Sala, Global President for Women in AI was impressed by the strength of female AI talent for this year’s Awards, and emphasised the importance of diversity and innovation in the field

“The AI Awards is a beacon of recognition, shedding light on the impact of many AI brilliant minds working on a diversity of AI problems” she said. “It symbolises not only their individual achievements but also the collective strength of the AI talent in Ireland and in particular the amazing women in this field. For many years the Irish government and technology ecosystem have strategically invested to grow diversity in our talent pool and I’m honoured to see the strength of the applications coming from women in AI.

“Diversity and innovation are two essential components in the journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future for AI. This award stands as a testament to the potential that emerges when talent knows no gender, and ideas bridge cultural boundaries. I want to wish my most sincere congratulations to all the female finalists who aspire to leave their mark on the world of AI.”

In conclusion, women have made remarkable contributions to the field of AI and their involvement is paramount. The importance of women in AI goes beyond representation; it extends to bringing unique perspectives, addressing bias, inspiring future generations, and making AI technologies more responsible, equitable and beneficial to society as a whole.

As the AI field continues to grow and evolve, we should celebrate the achievements of women in AI, support their endeavours, and work toward an AI community that is truly diverse and inclusive. The collective contributions of women in AI are helping to shape the future of technology, ensuring it serves the betterment of all.

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