Meta’s Llama 2 Impact Grants: A Leap Towards Societal Transformation Through AI


AI Ireland is delighted to bring you an in-depth look at Meta’s recent announcement that has the potential to revolutionise various sectors of society. Meta has been a forerunner in the field of Artificial Intelligence and their latest initiative, the Llama Impact Grants program, aims to harness the power of their open-source large language model, Llama 2, for societal good.

The Genesis of Llama 2
Llama 2 was launched in July 2023 as the next generation of Meta’s open-source large language model. The model has already garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads, indicating its significance to the global developer community. Building on its legacy of open sourcing, Meta aims to extend the reach of Llama 2 to address complex global challenges.
The Llama Impact Grants Program Objective
The primary goal of the Llama Impact Grants program is to identify and support applications of Llama 2 that can bring about societal benefits. The program is structured around three distinct tracks:
Education: Addressing educational inequities by leveraging Llama 2 to support both students and teachers.
Environment: Utilising Llama 2 to tackle environmental challenges, focusing on both mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Open Innovation: Encouraging innovative applications of Llama 2 in various other domains.
Who Can Apply?
The program invites applications from:
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Academic and research institutions
  • For-profit organizations in partnership with the above Timeline
The application window is open from October 6, 2023, to November 15, 2023. 
Meta will also host webinars on October 24th and November 7th for those interested in learning more about the program.
Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be assessed based on:
  • Technical Feasibility: How central Llama 2 is to the proposed solution.
  • Applicability: How effectively the solution addresses the challenge in the designated track.
  • Responsibility: Adherence to responsible practices concerning data security, privacy and replicability.
  • Impact: The broader societal benefits of the proposed solution.
Finalists will be notified in January 2024.
Meta’s Llama Impact Grants program is a promising step towards leveraging AI for societal transformation. It opens up avenues for organisations worldwide to contribute to solving global challenges. AI Ireland encourages all eligible entities to consider this unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact.
For more details on the program and to apply, you can visit Meta’s official pageFor webinar registration, please follow the links for the October 24th webinar and the November 7th webinar.
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