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E112 Aditya Mohan, Senior Scientific Officer at the National Standards Authority of Ireland

Welcome to episode E112 of the AI Ireland podcast, the show that explores the applications and research of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the island of Ireland.

Our mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness and everyone living in Ireland.

Today’s guest is Aditya Mohan, Senior Scientific Officer (AI, Distributed Ledger/Blockchain) at the National Standards Authority of Ireland. As Ireland’s official standards body, the NSAI aims to inspire consumer confidence and create the infrastructure for products and services to be recognised and relied on, all over the world. The NSAI is the state agency is responsible for standardisation, conformity assessment and measurement, and was established under the National Standards Authority of Ireland Act 1996.

The NSAI recently published the AI Standards and Assurance Roadmap which is a key deliverable of Ireland’s National AI Strategy to develop and utilise Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of Irish society and our economy. The roadmap is firmly rooted in supporting Ireland’s implementation of the EU AI Act, which is fundamental to the future of AI within Ireland, across the EU and indeed globally. The roadmap was developed as a result of the Top Team on Standards in AI engagement process. Download the report here.

Topics include:

  • How NSAI promotes global compatibility through ISO and European standards
  • Creating standards cooperation for efficiency and consistency
  • Balancing AI’s potential with caution and governance concern
  • Challenges in AI regulation and EU AI Act
  • EU AI Act’s evolving regulation for changing technology
  • Ireland’s influential role in global AI standards development

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AI Ireland's mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Ireland.

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