The AI Journey in Ireland: A Pivotal Juncture

As the AI EU Act inches towards ratification and with the recent agreement among the Top 7 AI companies in America,  we stand at a significant turning point in Ireland’s AI journey. There’s an imperative need to build upon the momentum from defining a strategy, to effect a transformation in AI adoption.

Ireland’s AI Strategic Roadmap

With the Department of Trade, Enterprise and Employment targeting 75% of AI, cloud and big data integration in all businesses by 2030, we delve deeper into Ireland’s strategic roadmap for AI. This ambitious drive demonstrates Ireland’s dedication to enhancing the role of Artificial Intelligence in the tech landscape, reinforcing its status as a prospective global trailblazer in AI implementation.
In July 2021, the Irish Government rolled out a comprehensive AI Strategy titled “AI – Here for Good, proposing a range of initiatives aimed at promoting AI practices for both economic and societal advancement. This forward-thinking move signifies Ireland’s commitment to harnessing AI’s transformative power and associated technologies. AI Ireland wholeheartedly supports the Government’s strategic plan, emphasising the immediate need for increased adoption and investment in AI-centric solutions.

AI Preparedness in Ireland: A Global Perspective

Ireland’s innovative mindset, adaptable skill set and tech-savvy workforce favour our emergence as an AI frontrunner. Globally, Ireland holds a distinguished rank in terms of AI readiness, being 18th among 160 countries as per the Oxford Insight AI Readiness Report 2022.

Role of AI and its Impact on Business Outcomes

AI and advanced analytics have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, with tools like Siri, Google Assistant, autonomous cars and entertainment platforms such as Netflix and Spotify harnessing AI for personalised customer content. The ability to process and interpret enormous, complex information generated every second, by people and systems, is achievable only through AI’s innovative capabilities.

Ireland’s Vision for an AI-powered Future

The Government’s strategic blueprint outlines a vision for Ireland to emerge as a global leader in using AI for economic and societal advancement, based on a people-centric, ethical approach to its development, integration and usage. It recognises eight pillars to facilitate AI adoption in an ethical and transparent way, equip the public and workforce, fund innovation and research, and encourage AI integration across sectors and industries.

The Role of Irish Organisations in AI Implementation

For Ireland’s AI strategy to truly thrive, organisations need to embrace, utilise, leverage and benefit from it. This starts with organisations recognising the current and future value of AI and making concerted efforts to overcome any internal and external barriers to its adoption.

Building AI Awareness

Irish organisations may miss significant AI opportunities while their competitors invest heavily. A recent survey by Equinix revealed that almost 52% of participants reported that key decision-makers had a limited understanding of AI. Additionally, another 50% understood AI well but were unsure about its potential benefits to their organisation. 

Filling the AI Talent Gap

AI solutions are multifaceted, requiring a wide range of competencies such as statistics, programming, data science, tech infrastructure and software development.

Governance and Ethics in AI

Concerns about the ethical and legal aspects of AI solutions are common among regulators across all industries. The majority of organisations do not have an internal framework to evaluate the ethical implications of AI solutions before implementation.

Driving the AI Revolution: The Role of Businesses

The responsibility now falls on businesses to lead AI adoption.  The focus should not just be on adopting AI for societal and national good, but on implementing AI solutions that streamline services, foster innovation in products and offerings, and enhance customer experiences.

The Importance of Data Sharing in AI

Apart from developing their own AI solutions, organisations can contribute on a national scale, for instance, by sharing their own data.  Data is the lifeblood of AI solutions. The larger the dataset, the higher the accuracy of the output. Open data and data sharing remain significant subjects in this domain.

Conclusion: Realising the AI Vision for Ireland

Ireland’s strategic plan for AI presents a dynamic and promising landscape for the country’s technological future. The drive towards increased AI adoption, facilitated by the Irish Government’s ambitious blueprint, underscores the transformative potential of AI for both economic and societal enhancement. For this potential to be fully realised, businesses, industries, and public bodies must embrace and drive AI adoption.

Combining the power of AI with ethical frameworks, increased data sharing and a commitment to nurturing AI talent, Ireland is positioned to not only be a participant in the AI revolution but also to lead it on a global stage. As we venture further into this AI-powered era, the collaboration of all sectors will be instrumental in ensuring that AI is truly ‘here for good’ in Ireland.

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