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Learn our selection criteria and suggest a Alldus guest.



Read the Guest Selection Criteria given below carefully because being a guest on Alldus is extremely competitive. Any proposals from PR professionals, organizations, literary agents, internal corporate communications departments, or anyone else, are welcome.

There is no fee to suggest speakers or appear in CXOTalk programs, which are chosen on the basis of merit.

Guest Selection Criteria

1. Is the visitor a C-level executive who is currently employed by a reputable company?

Although we favor major corporations, we occasionally speak with startup CEOs who are actually making a difference in the world or advancing innovative, strong concepts. For startups, we prefer to see evidence that your strategy has been approved by actual clients.

2. Is the visitor engaging in deeply interesting, significant, or sexy activity?

For instance, AI algorithms that could treat cancer are important and intriguing. However, you must show that it functions; while concepts are important, we also need to see how they are put into practice.

3. Is the visitor a well-known figure in business? 

Enterprise purchasers are strongly preferred over technology vendors and service providers. While authors and academics are welcome to apply, we give business practitioners priority. We favor having visitors from non-technology vendors as well.

4. Can the visitor draw a sizable crowd?

We look for guests that are willing and able to assist us in promoting their program.

We can only respond when guest nominations clearly fit the selection criteria given on this page due to the amount of submissions.

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