AI in Social Good

Name of the Company: OptiSol Business Solutions

Name of Contact: Shankar Narayanan D 

Industry: Web and Mobile application development company

Problem they solved: Musculoskeletal disorders are the costliest and frequent workplace injuries. Nearly 1 million people took time away from work to treat and recover form work-related musculoskeletal pain or impairment of function in the low back or upper extremities. OptiSol Business Solutions wanted to build a mobile app that can automate Ergonomics assessment. This will in turn reduce repetitive stress injuries at workplace and prevent serious health issues. The app provides personalized interventions about improper posture movements, that may cause musculoskeletal disorders and helps companies in avoiding spending of costs in paying compensation claims.

Name of the Company: Radmol AI Systems

Name of Contact: Doyin Bademosi

Industry: Healthcare infrastructure service platform

Problem they solved: According to the WHO , 80% of countries globally do not have early detection programmes for childhood cancer. As a result, Radmol AI Systems were building “DUROTIMI”. They aim to deploy an AI-driven early detection platform for childhood cancer.  A large amount of data is fed into DUROTIMI solution, which uses natural language processing and Deep Learning to classify the symptoms in two triage levels, high or low. Beyond the initial scope of addressing the risk of childhood cancer, this solution will help to identify other forms of cancer before they become obvious. In this way it helps people live longer by increasing their odds of survival.

Name of the Company: Automated Regulatory Monitoring 

Name of Contact: Ignacio Colis

Industry: no information

Problem they solved: ARM founders have been working for decades in the financial industry and were tired of the slow and manual quality assurance processes that relied on random samples of a few documents. These reviews most of the time start once financial firms receive many complaints and a issue has caused severe harm to a large customer base. Using AI and data analytics to oversee a the customer portfolio every day financial firms can prevent any harm to vulnerable consumer before they can suffer any inconvenience. 

Name of the Company: Meta-Flux

Name of Contact: no information

Industry: AI-assisted detection diagnostics platform for disease prevention

Problem they solved: Each year in Ireland 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer while 1 in 10 are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The medical consensus is that if it were found earlier, the mortality rate would decrease significantly. Meta-Flux is creating a powerful AI platform which references their database of biomarkers to predict early onset of major illnesses. They use harnessing systems biology to gain insight into the biochemical mechanisms of the disease, thus personalizing medicine, for the first time. They curate data with detailed profiles of over 2,000 biomarkers to accurately predict diseases, prior to the first symptom ever shows. Meta-Flux apply AI to support diagnostic decisions, to dramatically reduce human error and diagnostic time periods.