AI in RPA & Cognitive

Name of the Company: Webio

Name of Contact: Ann-Marie O’Grady 

Industry: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Problem they solved: Webio is working with leading companies to help identify where their customers are having difficulties, where they are getting frustrated and where they are becoming vulnerable. Webio, as a conversational middleware company that specialises in delivering automated, and human-assisted customer service conversations, is specifically designed to address these kinds of credit and collections workflows. 

Name of the Company: Foundry Innovation and Research Ltd. 

Name of Contact: Friedrich Wetterling

Industry: Medical technology 

Problem they solved: FIRE1 has developed a novel implantable senor solution for remote monitoring of congestive heart failure patients in their home. To enhance the sensor capabilities FIRE1 continues to train new predictive models adding diagnostic functionality to our innovative solution on an ongoing basis.  

Name of the Company: Zalando

Name of Contact: Josip Krapac 

Industry: Event Management in Data Processing System

Problem they solved: They have built the infrastructure that brings together a variety of players in the growing digital market for fashion. They created an ecosystem that connects customers, brand and partners.

Name of the Company: LinguAnalysis LTD 

Name of Contact: Federico Lucca

Industry: no information

Problem they solved: The idea behind their new product of their start-up is to implement a new virtual assistant model that allows friendly and more natural interaction rather than the too formal ways of communication in the other existing commercial products. The value proposition of this product is focussed on minimising the administrative or repeated tasks their customers are doing daily and that can be automated via their new personalised assistant. This service will allow every customer to acquire a personal assistant that can understand and help with all daily tasks.