AI in Large Companies

Name of the Company: ACI Worldwide

Name of Contact: Jimmy Hennessy

Industry: Computer Software

Problem they solved: They provide mission-critical real-time payment solutions. Digital payments and banking for more than 6,000 organizations.



Name of the Company: Bank of Ireland 

Name of Contact: no information

Industry: Financial sector

Problem they solved: A part of the company using data-driven to get closer to their customers and to produce a clear picture of their customers’ need.

Name of the Company: CarTrawler

Name of Contact: Patrick Callinan

Industry: Technology company 

Problem they solved: A leading B2B provider of car rental technology solutions to the global travel industry. They automate delivery of insights from data. They have two workflow scheduling toolsets ant they added a third one. They have built a Flask platform that deploys machine learning models directly into the CICD production pipelines

Name of the Company: Shutterstock 

Name of Contact: Alessandra Sala

Industry: Technology company and American provider of stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools. 

Problem they solved: Shutterstock have built a dataset curation system that is able to analyze 400M images and retrieve specific datasets that satisfy highly granular text. Additionally, this system has the ability to parse filters such as “only partially occluded objects” or “only large objects in the upper left quadrant of the image”. The system has been designed to combat model bias by producing representative datasets in terms of race, gender and age.

Name of the Company:  Zalando

Name of Contact: Josip Krapac 

Industry: Event Management in Data Processing System

Problem they solved: They have built the infrastructure that brings together a variety of players in the growing digital market for fashion. They created a ecosystem that connects customers, brand and partners.

Name of the Company: Accenture Applied Insights Studio 

Name of Contact: Aonghus McGovern

Industry: A cloud based as-a-service analytics platform

Problem they solved: They defined 6 core components of user experience. They also identified four key characteristics of usability. The user feedback and behavioral analysis are combined with the business value analysis to give an overall experience score for each application. Each piece of analysis was combined with an explainability component so portfolio leads and application owners can understand how their score was generated and what they could do to improve it.

Name of the Company: Tenable Corporation 

Name of Contact: no information

Industry: Cybersecurity company

Problem they solved: They made the world’s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform. The company use AI to power risk-based prioritization and provide meaningful insights to help their customers measure and manage cyber risk.

Name of the Company: Viska Systems

Name of Contact: David Moore

Industry: Medical device, automotive/ heavy machinery, electronics / semiconductor, and food & beverage

Problem they solved: They produced the product “Visable” which is a software platform that operates as a central interface for robot, camera, and image processing control. It solves a problem for manufacturers that have a large variety of mechanical assembly configurations, making is easy to use a robot to capture and record images around the assembly, which can then be assessed for a quality metric.