Exicting AI and Machine Learning Trends to keep an eye on in 2018

2017 was an exciting year for Data Science. From large successful companies to early-stage startups, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning witnessed a rapid rise throughout the past twelve months.

Ground-breaking research as coming at the much faster pace than other technologies that have come previously than ever before. Billions of dollars have already been invested in helping out AI-related startups, companies are investing more and more of their budget into research to keep in touch with the tech-driven environment and the number of people taking part in online courses is ever increasing.

Amazon, Google and Facebook are just a few of the many worldwide-recognised companies that are making the shift towards AI and Machine Learning in the past few years and throughout 2018, more and more companies will start to integrate AI and ML into their business models. 2017 witnessed huge advances in the field but there still plenty more information still yet to be tapped into how AI and Machine Learning can transform the landscape of many industries for years to come.

Here is a look at three of the most exciting AI and ML trends to keep an eye on in 2018:

1. More personalised Customer experience

image: linkedin.com

Personalisation and automation are one of the biggest talking points right now. More and more industries, such as Healthcare, Automotive and Financial Services are continuing to adapt to the significant developments that Machine Learning and Deep Learning models are bringing to the table.

More marketing professionals will start to work hand-in-hand with tech-side employees to implement AI, blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) to improve their customer experience. The days of only adding the person’s name to a marketing email are not enough anymore and many of them go unread. In an ever growing tech-driven world, people still crave authenticity and the more they feel connected to the companies that serve them, they will stay with you far beyond the point of sale.

By making their experience even more personalised and ask their customers what they want and don’t want, it will provide them with valuable information that can be used to build more effective marketing campaigns and build stronger connections with their customers. Due to data analysis, they will be able to learn everything about customer behaviour patterns and personal preferences which will enable them to communicate incentives accordingly to meet your personal needs.

2. The impact on Healthcare

Healthcare is the most important industry in the world and giving that it is a matter of life or death, there is no wonder that professionals in the field are heavily using the latest technologies to deliver better service to their patients. Due to AI and work with big data, scientists are continuing to find the opportunity to prevent diseases, such as cancer. By analyzing the patient’s medical history, AI will be able to understand the origin and development of disease which will enable doctors to be more proactive and make better decisions.

The healthcare sector looks also set to benefit from the rise of robotics, as they are edging towards implementing robots assistants. This ranges from virtual nurses being able to recognise warning signs from your smartphone to real robots that can monitor patients and send notifications in an emergency to call for help. Advances such as these will go a long way in reducing cost-barriers that prevents many people obtaining the treatment they need.

image: hiteks.com

There is no doubt that AI is an amazing opportunity for scientists all around the globe to make the healthcare system more efficient for both the professionals and their patients. Due to the fact that the chances of a machine making an error are far less likely than a human mistake, the state of medicine will start to shift to a whole new level.

3. Self-driving Cars

The idea of self-driving cars had been a myth, but now the idea is very much a reality. There have great advancements in the past few years and it seems the day where self-driving cars will be the norm is not far off which would make huge improvements to the environment and road safety. The stage is almost set for AI to dominate our roads but there still a few challenges, such as regulations, that has yet to be resolved.

Implementing self-driving cars on the road would improve road safety and reduce the number of vehicle-related accidents, but one of the biggest challenges is how it will react with the traffic flow and to other drivers. The vehicles will need to have a full understanding of the environment around them. There are experiments underway in the US and China that will give manufacturers more of an understanding as to what needs to be done before we can safely take the cars onto public roads.

While we await fully-autonomous cars on our roads, advances in GPS, digital mapping, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and other technologies are already contributing to better consumer experiences, such as park assist systems. Several of the largest car manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes Benz have already started to form partnerships with tech giants, such as Google and IBM and Apple and according to a McKinsey report, they believe that once the regulatory issues are resolved, around 15% of new cars sold by 2030 could be fully autonomous.

image: inverse.com

There is not going to be any industry that won’t be impacted by AI and ML in the future. There are concerns as to whether robots will take over our jobs and cybersecurity but nevertheless, AI is dedicated to making our lives, both personally and professionally, a whole lot easier.

What other AI and ML trends do you think will make a breakthrough in 2018? I would love to hear your feedback and ideas so please leave a comment below.

Author: AI Ireland

AI Ireland is a non-profit, community-led initiative that aims to showcase and share the knowledge in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We host monthly meetups, run the AI in Action podcast and will hold the AI Awards this November. Our goal is to bring together players in the field of AI in order to forge and strengthen ties, and to celebrate the development of AI for the greater good.

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